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Contact:Mr. Weng
Address:Guangzhou yuexiu district road no. 12 gold of building room 922-924



   Guangzhou gold with di trade co., LTD., founded in 2004, is specialized in soft magnetic ferrite materials production, sales and import and export trade enterprises.
   Import trade: with the United States, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Belgium, Taiwan and other international manufacturers maintain partnership for many years. Goods are superior in quality, variety complete, direct imports, price concessions, courteous service.
   Production: the company introduced in 2014 99.7% of electronic grade copper oxide. The product is to use electronic copper powder as raw material to the production of pollution-free environment, with high content (SGS inspection CuO is 99.7%), less impurity (SGS report to the European Union ROHS standard), active (ultra-fine granularity ensures product activity), stable quality (electronic copper powder as raw materials and pollution-free production process to ensure the consistency of product), etc, and more import copper oxide has higher cost performance. Is to improve the product quality and reduce the cost of ideal raw materials.
   Company focused on the bank, quality first, credit honesty, customer first for the purpose of mutual benefit and common development, for the purpose of better service magnetic industry, is willing to collaboration in with the general new old customers, create brilliant.



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